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London Fire Brigade – News – January 2023

Date: Friday, 03rd Feb 2023 | Category: General


It’s time to vent

Lots of Londoners have been making use of their fireplaces recently, but residents in a semi-detached house converted into flats had a lucky escape when an open fire was left to smoulder and wasn’t venting correctly. The resulting high levels of carbon monoxide could have proved fatal.

Find out what happened and our advice


New Fire Safety Regulations introduced

New regulations have come into force which have been designed to improve fire safety in residential buildings. They mean that building managers in London must now provide more information to London Fire Brigade and the building residents, and also carry out regular checks and report issues.

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The station with many homes

Since being built in 1931 Surbiton Fire Station has been part of Surbiton Fire Brigade, the National Fire Service, Surrey Fire Brigade and finally London Fire Brigade. How did this come about?

The history of Surbiton Fire Station


Top Tips

Watch out for ice

We’ve been called to two incidents this week involving people who needed rescuing after trying to save their dogs from icy water. Our advice is to call for help rather than attempt a rescue yourself, but we know that’s hard when pets feel like part of your family – so avoid the risk altogether and keep your dogs close by you when near icy water.

What to do if you spot someone in the water